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All my ways she wove of light,
Wove them all alive,
Made them warm and beauty bright-
So the trembling, ambient air
Clothes the golden waters where
The pearl fishers dive.

When she wept and begged a kiss,
Very close I’d hold her,
And I know so well in this
Fine fierce joy of memory
She was very young like me
Though half an aeon older.

Once she kissed me very long,
Tiptoed out the door,
Left me, took her light along,
Faded as a music fades-
Then I saw the changing shades,
Color blind no more.

- F. Scott Fitzgerald, First Love (via fitzgeraldquotes)
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What is the meaning of life? That was all — a simple question; one that tended to close in on one with years, the great revelation had never come. The great revelation perhaps never did come. Instead, there were little daily miracles, illuminations, matches struck unexpectedly in the dark.

- Virginia Woolf, To the Lighthouse (via wordsnquotes)
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